Listopad 2008

Miley Cyrus foto č.33

30. listopadu 2008 v 13:09 Miley Cyrus


bleskovka č.54

30. listopadu 2008 v 12:25 Bleskovky
winter lovewinter romance

2.jak se máš
3.máte rádi zimu
4.klik do ankety
5.vyber_avatary picty
6.vyber:colofullka vectorka
7.vyber:botasky kozačky

pixelky č.96

30. listopadu 2008 v 12:18 Pixelky
i love you!OMG XDi am happyidk*SIGH*my dog diedRAGE!!!!!um yah w/e u say

pixelky č.95

30. listopadu 2008 v 12:18 Pixelky

pixelky č.94

30. listopadu 2008 v 12:17 Pixelky

avatary č.18 žlutý

30. listopadu 2008 v 12:08 Avatary

bleskovka č.53

30. listopadu 2008 v 11:36 Bleskovky

2.jak se máš
3.kdo je to na fotce
4.máte jí rádi
5.klik do ankety
6.těšíš se na vánoce
7.vyber:adio conversky

Camp Rock - What It Takes - text písně

30. listopadu 2008 v 11:33 'Rock Tábor
Who's got
What it takes to be
My guy
What it takes to make
Me shine
What it takes to get
Me fired up

Camp Rock - Who Will Be - text písně

30. listopadu 2008 v 11:32 'Rock Tábor
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

How to choose
who to be
well let's see
there's so many choices, now

Make it dark,
Be a movie star
In my head a voice says
"Why not try everything?
Why stop? Reach for any dream!"
I can rock,
Cause it's life and now's the time

bleskovka č.52

29. listopadu 2008 v 12:32 Bleskovky

2.jak se máš
3.kdo je to na fotce
4.jednu písničku
5.hlásni pro Neelinka13 tady´
6.klik do ankety
7.líbí se ti tady

Camp Rock-Play My Music - text písně

29. listopadu 2008 v 12:18 'Rock Tábor
It's been on that radio
As loud as it can go
Wanna dance until my feet can't feel the ground (feel the ground)
Say goodbye to all my fears
One good song may disapear
And nothing in the world can bring me down (bring me down)

Hand clapping
Hip shaking
There's no faking
What you feel when your riding home
Yeah, yeah

Music's in my soul
I can hear it everyday, everynight
It's the one thing on my mind
Music's got control
And I'm never letting go, no no
I just want to play my music
Whoo (music)